Leader of Pedagogy

Student Led Conferences

This week the majority of our families took up the opportunity to have a Student Led Conference. The students were asked to lead this conference to talk about their successes and to identify a goal for their learning in Term 2. It was great to see so many students confidently discuss their Success Criteria and back this up with examples found in their book work from over the term. This will be an ongoing event at SMP. Some students need a little support to initiate the conversation, but more and more students are able to lead this conversation. Many students are openly talking to other staff members about their success and are feeling proud of their achievements this term. We look forward to building on this over the year.

Michelle Bratti 
Leader of Pedagogy

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Leader of Love & Community

Anzac Day

Anzac Day is held on 25th April every year. It is a day to acknowledge and appreciate all servicemen and servicewomen who have lost their lives, and those who have served in the past and the present. To commemorate our fallen soldiers, each class have read about these brave men and women who fought for our freedoms. Each class has created portraits of these soldiers. Check out some of the amazing artwork in our school!

We look forward to seeing as many students as possible at the ANZAC March on Thursday,25 April at Graham Place, ready to March at 10:00am.

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Cassino Gallery 

Cassino Gallery have an exhibition beginning this weekend, Diversity in Art & Artists Exhibition

You're invited to the opening of CHALK & CHEESE event this Saturday 13 April 2:00pm $10 Entry

Drink & Nibbles included

RSVP via email or 6662 1943 

Hannah de Silva
Leader of Love & Community

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Year 4 Camp Goodenough

Year 4 Camp Goodenough will take place Monday 17 June - Tuesday 18 June (overnight).  Just a reminder that the payment of $220.00 will need to be made by Friday 24 May so we can supply final numbers to the camp.  

Payment can be made through Compass events or through the school office with Eftpos or cash.

Details of itinerary and what to pack will be sent out early in Term 2.  

June | 2017 | Yachats Youth and Family Activities Program

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Mother's Day Stall ~ Friday 10 May

The Mother’s Day stall will be held on FRIDAY 10 May - second week in Term 2.  The stall is where students can purchase a gift for $5.00 each for their mother/carer.  Please return slip by Thursday 9 May in an envelope marked with child/ren’s name + class/es and with correct money enclosed.  Alternatively, write the details on an envelope and place envelope in the office door.  Limit of 3 gifts per student.

No orders will be accepted after Thursday 9 May




COST @ $5 EA



HELPERS NEEDED      Help is always needed on the day.  Please let the school know if you can help any time between 9.00am – 11.00am.  Phone the school office on 6662 2566 and advise of available time.  Thank you.

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Student of the Month ~ Thursday 11 April

Student of the MonthLearning Achievement
KNorthBraxten WallisClyde Rogers
KEastNash IrvineHannah Martin
KSouthWillow MartinTaya Morrow
KWestArrow NorrisJack Farrelly
1NorthPaislee WebsterTane Stavenow
1EastWilliam WellsCharlotte Cooper
1SouthDallas StephensLacey Russell
1WestVann HinesEllzahli-rosea Rayner
2NorthLayla GillettLiam Samaraweera
2EastSierra AndersonPaige Holmes
2SouthFaith JohnstonZahli-Rose Marks
3NorthBethany JonesBraxton Auckram
3EastSamantha BernalNathaniel Rollon
3SouthDarcy HardwickMilton Summers
4NorthAlexis BeadmanHarley Robinson
4EastLibby JohnstonArabella Scheepers
4southEloise KingAlissa Benn
5NorthRuby BennOliver Christensen
5EastFinnan MartinIyla Farr
5southGeorge FlynnAthea Bate
6NorthLucia FormagginToby Makejev
6EastLucas ApplebyKylah Sabino
6SouthXander HillMaddison Clark

Congratulations Stock Photos, Royalty Free Congratulations Images |  Depositphotos

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Digital Technology User Agreement Years 3 -6

We would like to remind you of the importance of completing the Parental Consent and Student Digital Technology User Agreement for the year 2024. This agreement outlines the processes that help build responsible digital citizens and establishes clear expectations for the use of digital technology throughout the school year. 

We appreciate those who have already signed this document.  For those who have not yet done so, we kindly ask that you complete the agreement by the end of this term. Failure to do so may result in temporary access restrictions to digital devices for your child until the agreement is signed.

 Thank you for your attention to this important matter. We require this to be completed by the end of this term. 

You can locate the agreement by clicking on the following link: link: https://dlcsl.jotform.com/team/application-team/CASP-DTA2024 

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Happy birthday t0 Happy Birthday GIFs | TenorEleanor McSweeney Happy Birthday GIFs | TenorRuby Westbury Happy Birthday GIFs | TenorDallas Stephens Happy Birthday GIFs | TenorJaydan Willows Happy Birthday GIFs | TenorTane Stavenow Happy Birthday GIFs | TenorHalle Barber Happy Birthday GIFs | TenorHarmony McDonald Happy Birthday GIFs | TenorChloe Clark Happy Birthday GIFs | TenorHayden Murray Happy Birthday GIFs | TenorMason Smith-Proctor Happy Birthday GIFs | TenorBraxton Auckram Happy Birthday GIFs | TenorMila Farr Happy Birthday GIFs | TenorDarcy Hardwick Happy Birthday GIFs | TenorHarley Robinson Happy Birthday GIFs | TenorNate Anderson Happy Birthday GIFs | TenorEwan Connolly Happy Birthday GIFs | TenorLorenzo Llewellyn Happy Birthday GIFs | TenorJack Morton Happy Birthday GIFs | TenorMathias Bentley Happy Birthday GIFs | TenorAmaya Ind Happy Birthday GIFs | TenorKatelyn Rowlands Happy Birthday GIFs | TenorAdrian Campbell Happy Birthday GIFs | TenorGrace Turner Happy Birthday GIFs | TenorArchie Moss Happy Birthday GIFs | TenorLaleena Mason-Fry Happy Birthday GIFs | TenorGeorge Flynn Happy Birthday GIFs | TenorWillow Honey Happy Birthday GIFs | TenorChase Roberts Happy Birthday GIFs | TenorCampbell Hardwick and Happy Birthday GIFs | TenorHarry Wilson who have recently celebrated their birthday, and to Happy Birthday GIFs | TenorStella Bahadori who celebrates tomorrow. 

655,308 Happy Birthday Stock Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from  Dreamstime

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Sport News

In Week eight, Lucas Myers and Larah Kenny showcased their talents at the NSW Little Athletics Championships held at Sydney Olympic Park. Larah participated in the under 9's long jump, securing 15th place in her event and achieving a personal best. Lucas Myers competed in the under 11's javelin and discus events, finishing 20th in javelin and 21st in discus. Impressively, he also attained personal bests on the day.  Congratulations to both students for leading the way in sport.

Olive Chelman put in an amazing performance at the Kingscliff Triathlon. Olive won gold for her age division and also produced the fastest time across both the girls' and boys' divisions. Congratulations, Olive!

Thomas McCormack showcased his exceptional swimming skills once again at the NSW Junior State Championships and our Catholic Schools Polding event. Tommy's outstanding performance earned him an impressive haul of two gold medals, two silver medals and a bronze medal at the NSW Junior Championships, and six gold medals at Polding.

The Beef Week Cup is quickly approaching! Our annual Beef Week Cup is scheduled for Thursday, 23 May at Colley Park.  All students in Years 3-6 who are interested have nominated themselves to represent SMP in either soccer, netball or rugby league. Teams will be organised in Week One of next term and details regarding training days and times will be communicated accordingly.

We are always in need of coaches on the day. If you are interested in supporting by coaching a team, please email Nicole Hammond at nicole.hammond@lism.catholic.edu.au

Nikki Hammond
Sports Co-ordinator

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Assistant Principal's News - Mission

School Uniform Requirements
Just a reminder that students are required to wear the correct uniform at all times at school. This includes school jumpers and hats. Often students will come to school with a casual jumper, casual socks or a non-school logo hat and need to be reminded that they are not part of our uniform. If your child comes home with another student’s jumper or hat, please return to the school office.

We fully appreciate the tough times that families are facing at the moment and also understand that uniform can be expensive (especially with a couple of kids) so please reach out if you require any additional support. Now would be a good time to look to make sure that all school jumpers are fitting your child in preparation for the cooler months and are labelled with their name.

Tell Them From Me Surveys - Parents
We will also be inviting all of our parents to provide feedback on their experience of our school using an online survey. The surveys are an important part of our whole school evaluation and planning process.

We would like to invite you to complete the Tell Them From Me (TTFM) Partners in Learning survey. As we value the role of parents and carers within our school community we would greatly appreciate your feedback. The information you provide will be used to maintain our commitment to working together in partnership to further improve student learning and wellbeing at SMP.

 The survey is anonymous and will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. Further information will come in Term 2 on how you can access this survey.

Tell Them From Me Surveys - Students
As part of our focus on school effectiveness, SMP will be participating in an online survey for students – Tell Them From Me​® (TTFM®). The survey will provide us with valuable feedback on what our students think about school life, how engaged they are with school and the different ways that teachers interact with them. Schools in Australia and around the world have used the Tell Them From Me survey to help them improve.

 During Weeks 1 & 2 of Term 2, all students will be given the opportunity and time to participate in this survey during regular school hours. Students who agree to complete the survey will be given a random username and password to access and complete the survey online. Students’ names cannot be linked to their responses which allows it to be completely anonymous. Results will show all student scores combined together – it is not possible to single out individual students in the results.

 The survey takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. The survey measures include such topics as emotional and social well-being, physical health, and behaviours and attitudes linked to student success. The survey also allows students to give their thoughts and feedback in open-ended question responses.

 Participation in the survey is entirely voluntary. Your child will not take part if either you or your child do not wish to. If, during the survey, your child is uncomfortable answering any question, he/she should leave it blank and move on to the next one. Your child can stop the survey at any time.

 If you do not want your child to take part in the survey, or if you would like further information about survey, please contact Mr Irvine (sam.irvine@lism.catholic.edu.au).

Sam Irvine
AP Mission

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Principal's Message

‘We do whatever it takes to lead the way in Love, Learning, Faith, School Spirit, Sport & Community


Thursday 25th April 2024

The ANZAC Day March 
We gather as a school at 10:00am on Monday, 25
th April at Graham place (near council chambers).  I expect that all students who are in the Casino area will march in full school uniform (including hat & jacket) with our school.  Thank you very much for your great support. It is up to us all to instil respect and appreciation in our children.

It is such a privilege to march each year and honour the courageous men and women who defended and fought for our country, who still defend us today. They have ensured we remain the greatest country in the world. It is the least we can do to honour them. Students are also welcome in uniform for the Dawn Service at 5:30am at the Mafeking Lamp. 

Thank you 
I wish to thank my educators for working so hard this term, taking on a new way of teaching English and Mathematics to our kids. Our kids have been excellent too. I have never seen so much engagement and learning retention happening, never heard so many kids talk about their learning with enthusiasm. This, along with our Success Criteria, is improving the learning and parent understanding of the learning and how we all can best support our kids. This is the ultimate Home Learning. 
We are following the Science of Learning and Cognitive Load evidence to best educate our SMP kids through Explicit Direct Instruction. Our kids and our community will reap the rewards of this now and into the future. This is bringing me so much joy.

Kinder 2025 Enrolment Applications: Due Friday 3rd May.

Our Last Mercy Principal
Sr Christine Austen passed away in Coffs Harbour on Easter Sunday, our last Mercy Sister to lead our school as principal before David Condon took over in the 80’s. From all accounts Sr Christine was a great principal who led our school well, helping us set up the Catholic school community we have here today. May she rest in peace.

Congratulations to our 2024 Student Representative Council
With this leadership, comes responsibility and the call to service. I congratulate the following students on this great honour and am confident that they will ensure we continue to flourish as a Catholic school community - Thomas McCormack, Hudson Scully, Myles Elwell, Lawson Bennett, Sophia Derrig, Eva Crompton, Reagan Bunting and Marley Botfield.

I wish you all a safe holiday. This has been such a great term of Love, Learning, Faith, School Spirit, Sport and Community and I look forward to doing it all again next term ... I really do!  School resumes Monday 29 April.

Take care
John O’Brien

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Digital Technology User Agreement

The Digital Technologies Agreements form was recently sent out on Compass. This form is only for students and parents in Years 3 to 6.

If you have not yet filled out the Digital Technology User Agreement form, we kindly ask that you do so at your earliest convenience.

To access the form please click on the link below.


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Leader of Love & Community

Acts of Mercy:

Every year, the Year 6 students head out into the community to complete Acts of Mercy. These are opportunities for the students to serve others and help care for the needs of our local Casino community.  The students visited the soup kitchen, did window washing at local businesses, cleaned headstones at the cemetery, helped at preschools, supported Mr White around our school, and even visited the Earth Centre with St. Mary’s College students. 

Students will head back out into the community for further Acts of Mercy in Week 10. Thank you to the staff that supported our students during Acts of Mercy.

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Tuition Fees

Statements are issued at the end of each month.  No invoices are generated.  Year 6 parents who have been billed the Year 6 Brisbane Excursion have until the end of Term 3 to pay.  You can make payments that are suitable to you to pay for the excursion.

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School Photo Day ~ Monday 8 April

Our School Photos will be held on Monday 8 April.  Sibling photos will be held on Thursday 11 April.

Every student should have received their own Order Envelope by now.  Sibling photo Order Envelopes are available at the school office.  You can return the completed envelopes to the office any time, but on the day, 8 April, you must hand the envelope to the photographer. 

Please ensure that students are wearing the correct school uniform as per the school's Uniform Policy. 

  • No sport uniform on the day  
  • Girls to wear check shorts + blouse or dress - navy socks - black leather shoes
  • Boys to wear polo shirt + navy shorts - navy socks - black leather shoes
  • Hair longer than shoulder length to be tied back - discreet navy or white hair ties
  • Jewellery:
    plain silver or gold sleepers or studs in ears
    lightweight silver or gold chain with crucifix or medallion may be worn 

Same uniform requirements for the sibling photo day on Thursday 11 April.

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School Fee Payment Query

On the 12 March a Direct Credit was made to the school bank account for $202.39 by GBS Mobile Banking.

There was no supporting information supplied with the deposit.  If you think that this was your payment could you please contact the school office on 6662 2566. 

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Leader of Faith

Holy Week Presentation: Next Wednesday 27 March

A group of Year 6 students will present the story of Holy Week to our students next Wednesday at the following times. Please feel free to join us in the church as we lead up to the important celebration of Easter.   

  • 12.10pm:  Kindy   Yr 2  & Yr 4            
  • 12.45pm:    Yr 1    Yr 5              
  • 1.15pm:     Yr 3   & Yr 6

Karen McDonald
Leader of Faith

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K-2 Instructional Leader

Reading and Spelling in K-2

Over the past year, we have been dedicated to implementing the InitiaLit program across our Kindergarten to Year 2 classes. InitiaLit is a systematic synthetic phonics approach designed to empower children with essential reading, spelling, and comprehension skills through daily, evidence-based lessons. Through direct instruction, our students learn to read and write words, gradually building upon their understanding of the alphabetic code. They become familiar with terms like 'vowel', 'syllable', 'phoneme', 'grapheme', and 'digraph', ensuring a solid foundation for literacy success.

Ways You Can Help at Home

  • Reading storybooks with your child, encouraging discussion about the story and introducing new vocabulary.
  • Take time to listen to your child read when readers are sent home or access the eLibrary, offering support as they apply their knowledge of sounds and letters to the text.
  • Explore nursery rhymes, songs, and poems together to enhance language development.

Access to MultiLit eLibrary
Our Kinder - Year 2 students will soon bring home a login to access the Decodable eLibrary, a valuable resource designed to support their reading journey. These decodable books can be read on desktop computers and mobile devices (including smartphones and tablets). Decodable texts are specially crafted for young students aimed at strengthening their decoding skills and enhancing reading fluency. Each book comes with clear instructions and before and after reading.

Karen Faber
K-2 Instructional Leader

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Happy birthday t0 Happybirthday 생일 축하 GIF - Happybirthday 생일 축하 Feliz Cumpleanos GIFsHarley Wills Happybirthday 생일 축하 GIF - Happybirthday 생일 축하 Feliz Cumpleanos GIFsDallas Clarke Happybirthday 생일 축하 GIF - Happybirthday 생일 축하 Feliz Cumpleanos GIFsRiver Anderson Happybirthday 생일 축하 GIF - Happybirthday 생일 축하 Feliz Cumpleanos GIFsConnor Adams Happybirthday 생일 축하 GIF - Happybirthday 생일 축하 Feliz Cumpleanos GIFsDustin Talbot Happybirthday 생일 축하 GIF - Happybirthday 생일 축하 Feliz Cumpleanos GIFsHenry Leece Happybirthday 생일 축하 GIF - Happybirthday 생일 축하 Feliz Cumpleanos GIFsEli Jude Williams Happybirthday 생일 축하 GIF - Happybirthday 생일 축하 Feliz Cumpleanos GIFsAlyvia Bennett Happybirthday 생일 축하 GIF - Happybirthday 생일 축하 Feliz Cumpleanos GIFsFinnegan McDonald Happybirthday 생일 축하 GIF - Happybirthday 생일 축하 Feliz Cumpleanos GIFsElke Barton Happybirthday 생일 축하 GIF - Happybirthday 생일 축하 Feliz Cumpleanos GIFsJordan Mitchell Happybirthday 생일 축하 GIF - Happybirthday 생일 축하 Feliz Cumpleanos GIFsJude Winkler  Happybirthday 생일 축하 GIF - Happybirthday 생일 축하 Feliz Cumpleanos GIFsGretyl Bird Happybirthday 생일 축하 GIF - Happybirthday 생일 축하 Feliz Cumpleanos GIFsLayla Gillett Happybirthday 생일 축하 GIF - Happybirthday 생일 축하 Feliz Cumpleanos GIFsAlexis Beadman Happybirthday 생일 축하 GIF - Happybirthday 생일 축하 Feliz Cumpleanos GIFsJaxon Wills Happybirthday 생일 축하 GIF - Happybirthday 생일 축하 Feliz Cumpleanos GIFsLiam Cross Happybirthday 생일 축하 GIF - Happybirthday 생일 축하 Feliz Cumpleanos GIFsLucy Hancock Happybirthday 생일 축하 GIF - Happybirthday 생일 축하 Feliz Cumpleanos GIFsLincoln Mills Happybirthday 생일 축하 GIF - Happybirthday 생일 축하 Feliz Cumpleanos GIFsTyler Hyde Happybirthday 생일 축하 GIF - Happybirthday 생일 축하 Feliz Cumpleanos GIFsMarley Botfield Happybirthday 생일 축하 GIF - Happybirthday 생일 축하 Feliz Cumpleanos GIFsAlina Clark Happybirthday 생일 축하 GIF - Happybirthday 생일 축하 Feliz Cumpleanos GIFsChase Roberts Happybirthday 생일 축하 GIF - Happybirthday 생일 축하 Feliz Cumpleanos GIFsSkylah Wells and Happybirthday 생일 축하 GIF - Happybirthday 생일 축하 Feliz Cumpleanos GIFsKylah Sabino who have recently their birthday, and to Happybirthday 생일 축하 GIF - Happybirthday 생일 축하 Feliz Cumpleanos GIFsCharlotte Bray who celebrates tomorrow. 

Happy Birthday @Sol - 20 is a day to celebrate. | BlackHatWorld

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Sport News

Sporting Achievements
Congratulations to Jack Crimmins, who competed in the QLD State Series Motocross at Hervey Bay. In extremely testing conditions, Jack was able to walk away 1st in his class. This is his first win at a State Series event.  Congratulations, Jack, on such a great achievement!

Congratulations to Chelsea Rose for successfully auditioning for RB Corp. 

Drew Ludlow participated in the Matt Fides Martial Arts Championship on the Gold Coast over the weekend. He placed 1st (Gold) in the 10-14 category.  Congratulations, Drew!

Dio Swimming Carnival
On Friday, 1 March, Thomas McCormack, Liam Sullivan, Lucy Hancock, Ashton Leadley, Lucas Myers, Campbell Hardwick, Harrison Myers, Finnan Martin, Rocco Jenkins, Kira Green, Ryder Birney, Harper Williams, Chelsea Rose and Bobbi Grisell attended the Diocesan Swimming Carnival in Macksville. Congratulations to all students who represented our school, truly leading the way in sport!

Special congratulations to Thomas McCormack for receiving age champion and Lucy Hancok,  Harrision Myers & Thomas McCormack who have successfully progressed to polding. 

2024 SMP Cross Country Carnival Results

Age Group




12 Y/O Boys

Thomas McCormack

Chase Anderson

Mathew Gilmore

12 Y/O Girls

Lucia Formaggin 

Bianca Hodges

Eva Crompton 

11 Y/O Boys 

Finnan Martin

Kallan Hancock

Clancy Rippon

11 Y/O Girls

Myf Gray

Marley Botfield

Sophie Robinson

10 Y/O Boys

Marcos Barber

Oskar Garsden 

Axel Fright

10 Y/O Girls 

Olive Chelman

Chelsea Rose

Isabel Flynn

9 Y/O Boys

Emmett Patton

Jack Morton 

Wallace Gray

9 Y/O Girls 

Larah Kenny

Harper Willams 

Matilda Cowan 

8 Y/O Boys

Ryder Birney

Hayden Murray

Riley Richards

8 Y/O Girls 

Zahryah Pirlo

Mila Farr

Lyla Martin 

7 Y/O Boys

Dylan Morton

Granger Kook

Kyle Newby

7 Y/O Girls 

Hallie Kenny

Halle Barber

Ella Rayner

5/6  Y/O Boys

Eli Willams 

Carter Darragh 

Finnegan McDonald 

5/6  Y/O Girls 

Ruby Goldthorpe

Elsie Hardwick

Isla Serone 

Congratulations to all the participants of our SMP Cross Country Carnival. The day was filled with school pride and spirit and I was thoroughly impressed by the grit, determination and courage displayed by everyone.  It's evident that our students are leading the way in both sportsmanship and school spirit. A special acknowledgement goes out to all the parents who generously gave their time to assist with various tasks on the day and those who enthusiastically dressed up in their child's house colour and engaged in spirited War Cries. This collective effort creates a vibrant community atmosphere and contributes to a positive school culture.  Thank you to everyone involved for their contributions to making this event a success.

The Lismore Diocesan Winter Sports Trials took place on Friday, 8 March in Grafton. Congratulations to the following students for representing SMP in the various sports  listed below.

Rugby League U/12
Thomas McCormack
Chase Anderson
Eva Crompton
Isaac McInnes

Billy Stavenow
Rocco Jenkins
Chase Roberts
Reece Gay
Campbell Hardwick

Sophie Leadley

Sonny McInnes

Congratulations to Thomas McCormack, Chase Roberts and Rocco Jenkins for being chosen to represent our Diocese at the Polding trials in Tamworth on Friday, May 3rd.  Great Achievement boys!

Nikki Hammond
Sports Co-ordinator

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